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    Two main reasons to it:

    1. CyberArk works as a password vault and hence it can securely store the credentials used by Solarwinds (user name + password)

    2. CyberArk comes with certain level of automation as well which can sync/change the password on the tool (for service accounts where there is a restriction to change the password every 'X' days, this feature would come into play where CyberArk automation can be used, if Solarwinds can expose a API or something for automatic password change/sync on Solarwinds tool (credentials section like Windows Cred or SMTP Cred or ....) without any downtime on the tool or without affecting monitoring of devices performed by Solarwinds (without skipping a poll) then it would be a cool feature.


    I have seen few idea's in the past with respect to the same:

    Password vault integration

    Consolidate/Integrate account and password utilization between modules

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    SolarWinds supports automatic geolocation but this is limited to using the SNMP Location field and it is not always possible for this field to be modified to suit the requirements for geolocation.


    I suggest that the geolocation feature be customisable to allow custom properties to be used for the device locations (e.g. longitude/latitude).


    SolarWinds suggest using the following process but this is still manual and requires an export/import of the custom properties each time. This process also does not allow the name of each location to be imported (sites show unknown).

    Place objects into the map using custom properties


    This new feature would automatically update the map if certain custom properties have values (or have had values removed). Examples include:

    • Newly added devices will be automatically added to the map if values are entered
    • Newly added devices won't be added if they don't have values entered
    • Devices will be removed from the map if their values are removed


    This request also ties in to a similar request - allowing us to import the location name when importing the coordinates.

    Import location name when importing coordinates directly to the worldwide map


    (Sorry if there is already a feature request for this; I fail at thwack search if there is)

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  • 08/03/18--08:10: running slow NCM 7.8
  • We have recently migrated from NCM 7.7 to NCM 7.8.

    The Config Backup Jobs are running extremely slow. In  NCM 7.7, it  used to complete in less than 3 hours and  with NCM 7.8 , it takes 18 hours !!


    Has anyone experience this slowness  ??

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    Hi Guys,

    I need to face for Solarwinds SAM exam in near future, So I have checked the preparation guide @ SolarWinds Certified Professional SAM Exam Preparation Guide - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


    But all I need to know whether there any practice test or dump available for this? And how much is the pass mark? How many times I can retake the exam?


    If anyone of you faced this SCP Server & Monitoring exam, Please help me out...



    Nimesha J

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    Can anyone provide some details on what Invoke-SwisVerb is looking for:


    Invoke-SwisVerb -SwisConnection $SwisConn -EntityName Cirrus.ConfigArchive -Verb ExecuteScript ($NCMID, $TestScript, "admin")



    I have tried $NCMID with and without ' in it, but same results.

    PS W:\> $NCMID



    PS W:\> $TestScript

    show clock


    Get the following response:


    Invoke-SwisVerb : Verb Cirrus.ConfigArchive.ExecuteScript cannot unpackage parameter 0 of type System.Guid[]

    At line:1 char:1

    + Invoke-SwisVerb -SwisConnection $SwisConn -EntityName Cirrus.ConfigAr ...

    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (:) [Invoke-SwisVerb], FaultException`1

        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : SwisError,SwisPowerShell.InvokeSwisVerb

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    I have setup volume alerts for disk space. They use Orion global settings for Warning at 80% and Critical at 90%. That is all fine and dandy, until we need certain servers to actually have the ability to alert us on a specific disk space amount, say, 1 GB. I don't want to alert on a 1TB drive because it's 90% full....I want to be able to adjust that on per node basis, just like we can do with CPU and Memory.


    Is there any way to accomplish that? We are cleaning up "baked in" alerts now and have quite few volumes that need to adjust.


    Thanks for your help!

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  • 10/04/15--23:32: Multicast Troubleshooting
  • Hi,

    NPM currently provides Multicast monitoring. However, we find multicast troubleshooting still fairly complex ..It would be good to have a Multicast Troubleshooting tab that incorporates the following -

    1. Check Multicast Source

    2. Check Multicast Network

    3. Check Multicast Receivers


    Source / Reciver checks -

    show ip igmp groups

    show ip mroute


    Network checks -

    show ip pim neighbor

    show ip pim rp mapping





    Some of these basic features could be a part of Engineers Toolset (Under the Enhanced Ping) while NM could have a tab under Multicast.



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    I would like to see the ability to report bandwidth usage by the user account when connected via VPN.  When a user connects via VPN and browses the internet this traffic is not reported as being sourced from the VPN IP that the user was assigned, but by the firewalls outside interface IP.  This makes it impossible to know how much internet bandwidth this user used while connected to the VPN.  The username and source/destination IPs are reported in the firewalls syslog, so a way to correlate this information into a report would be very handy.




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    I would like the above verbs to be added to the Orion API so that I can programmatically and in an automated manner discover and add volumes into my SolarWinds environment.  Currently this is a manual process that runs several times a day and eats up several man hours every month to just add the new volumes found in a discovery  Thanks!.

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    Let me know how did you do... It's just for fun...

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    Apologies for asking possibly silly questions.


    Can we add comments to particular entries, so we can retain the full entries from our outgoing hosts file?


    How ?

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  • 10/05/18--11:01: IPAM DNS Scanning
  • Finally getting around to adding DNS to IPAM and a question came up that I didn't have an answer for.


    Is there any reason we should add all of our DNS servers to IPAM?  We have 7 domain controllers currently, but I have only configured one to allow zone transfers - merely testing at this phase.  But later down the road, is there any reason to add the remaining servers?


    Thanks in advance!

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    It seems that after changing switch devices from SNMPV2 to  SNMPv3 UDT no longer show port information. NPM info all looks good interface , hardware monitoring etc.... all good

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    I need someone to explain how UDT and Rogue Endpoint detection should work. It seems miserably flawed  to me and support is giving me the run around saying it's doing what it should be doing. If that is the case the product is severely crippled for our intended use case.


    Our plan was to use UDT to monitor rogue endpoints when they show up on certain networks. We use all the other functions as all that integrate with IPAM as well. The problem we are seeing is that when you add a node from Orion or discover ports, it brings in all endpoints it sees even on trunk ports and adds them to the rogue device list. We want to start by monitoring and then whitelisting only devices connected to ports that are not secured in a data closet or data center. This approach is taking small bites off of the network evaluating endpoints that are not on our whitelists (initially comprised of AD exports and VM exports of known MACs, we only use MAC whitelisting as anything else doesn't really make much sense in our environment) and then deciding if they should be whitelisted, removed, or perhaps watched. Call it poormans NAC if you will but for now it's better than nothing.


    Now here is the problem, when a node is added, or ports are discovered it starts monitoring all the ports by default. When it monitors things like trunk ports it brings in endpoints that at that moment are out of scope. So using common sense we decided OK lets just unmonitor those ports in UDT, if it's not monitoring the port it won't see the endpoint and those will go away. Well they don't, they remain and the endpoints on the unmonitored ports stay on our rogue device list indefinitely. The endpoint marks it as Last Seen: CURRENT which makes no sense if I'm not monitoring the port. I then took one step further and deleted the port from UDT, no change. I then, per support, wiped all data relating to UDT and started over, re-added a switch and router, performed the same steps and ended up with every endpoint it could see because it started monitoring all ports when added. Trying to create my own work around I decided to limit which ports it monitored as part of the discovery (UDT Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Monitored Port Types) Set this to only include the  ethernetCsmacd (6) type which would exclude trunk ports etc. No luck the discovery by default ignored this setting and attempted to discover all available ports. So this setting does ?, nothing?


    After going back and forth with support asking why I'm getting endpoints showing as current, why it's monitoring all ports, why they won't fall off the rogue device list (which we have set to "Past Hour"), and how someone is supposed to accomplish our use case.... the answers I received were start over, or whitelist all devices that are showing and review devices going forward. Well that last one violates pretty much every concept of whitelisting and authorized device review by blindly trusting that what we have in current state is good, awful idea. Not sure the point of UDT Rogue Device if for every device that shows up you just whitelist it, or as also suggested enable the 3 default rules for MAC, IP, and DNS to whitelist all nodes.... again not sure why you would want to ever do this if you WERE interested in reviewing and managing the devices on your network. I also can not get a good answer as to why when I unmonitor a port do the endpoints on that port remain, as if it's monitoring the endpoint now instead? We set retention settings to 1 day, ran database maintance and have waited 5 days and no change the endpoints all remain on the Rogue device list all marked as CURRENT.


    HELP!! Can someone, anyone explain how this is supposed to work? I'm being told that this is normal but then that it's also not normal, and then silence from support.  I'm doing 1. what the sales team said is normal and reasonable 2. The steps that are defined here:



    "Our first objective is to identify those devices (nodes and endpoints) that connect to the network. This information will then help us create device profiles and help us determine which devices are authorized."


    "Our second objective is to identify and verify which devices are authorized to use the network and to construct access controls using whitelists"

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    Is there a way we can update subnet range through SWIS? I have a lot of subnets which don't have range populated & would be helpful to do it via an API.

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    Log Manager for Orion 1.1 has shipped and we’re already hard at work building the next release. Here’s what we’re working on:


    • Windows Event support– you can currently leverage the Event Log Forwarder to transmit Windows Events as syslog to LM. We are working on native support for Windows Events.
    • Log Forwarding - forward important log data to other applications via a LM Log Rules, while optionally preserving the Source IP address.
    • Log Manager Rule Enhancement including processing order adjustment, pre-populated drop-down menus and field extraction.

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  • 02/01/17--09:25: Orion Dark Theme Option
  • Please provide the option to switch the website into a "Dark Theme"


    Not only is this an often preferred experience for users, but it is a very standard practice in most NOC environments where the overhead lights are generally dim (think Mission Control)








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    I am pleased to announce general availability of LEM 6.5, which introduces the ability to forward raw log data to other applications and support for LEM on Azure. If you are a customer on active maintenance, this is now available in your customer portal. If you are not an existing customer and interested in downloading a 30-day evaluation, you can do so here. This release includes the following features:


    • Log Forwarding: LEM now includes the ability to forward raw log data from both syslog and agent devices. This log data can be forwarded to any application including SIEM and log management tools which support syslog ingestion. Both RFC3164 and RFC5424 syslog formats are supported. You can view the steps to enable log forwarding here.


    • Azure Deployment: LEM 6.5 provides greater flexibility on where you deploy your LEM appliance thanks to official support for deployment on Microsoft Azure. You can now deploy LEM in the cloud and transmit both your on-premises and cloud based log data to LEM.


    For more information on this release, please see the LEM 6.5 Release Notes


    The SolarWinds trademarks, service marks, and logos are the exclusive property of SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC or its affiliates.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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    I want to be able to customize the email subject and body for DPA alerts, including choosing dynamic data fields so I can deliver the information users need in the order they need it.

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